Calmly Chaotic 

I am anonymously sympathetic when watching your struggle, the fight with great strength and grace.

Every moment is your guessing game that you would rather not have to play.

Who knows when it will strike, who can tell your future?

Nobody can, but this is your normal, this is your battle. 

Sabotaged from within, made for all to see.

Do you reflect each day at your bravery not to hide?

I wish to give my comfort for your moments of peace and stillness, your calm is fleeting and your moments a whisper.

I try and refrain my gaze so not to frighten away the quiet, though chaos appears by the clockworks telling of time.

A twitch and jerk, a tick and a spasm, does that mirror your laughter, will it squelch your pain and restore your ease?

Was stillness your foe, were you meant to be in motion? 

While I sit slumped to lazily ponder, without cause or direction.  

You will inspire to perpetuate movement.

You are the movement, while we are in awe.  

Thank you for reading


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