Just a Misunderstanding 

Maybe I don’t fully understand the scenario, It could be that I’m absent of all the variables. My ignorance must not be confused with insensitivity. I care about our plight and am invested to the fullest. I’m here. 
Does it ease your pain when you lash out 
Do you feel release of your insecurities 
If your misguided anger finds its mark, is it an improvement for all involved, or is the rage that simmers within you that cools when you condense your anger upon one?

Is this a fools errand? To walk along the threshold with thoughts of hope, but the reality of what is boiling inside you moments until it shatters the silence.

It will come, no point to be made, no answer will be correct, myopia Is the dish of the day and no special orders are welcomed. It will be taken because it must be took. Again, today and perhaps tomorrow, the days are long and filled with promise, but promises are not always pleasant. It will be taken, because it must be taken.
Butt I Digress
#prose #poetry #misunderstanding #dinner #’heads # writing #creative 
Thank you for reading


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