My Memory, My Life Sentence 

My memory is my life sentence I carry it just as I must carry my spirit as a steady reminder, the alarm clock of my earlier years with a broken snooze button allowing me just enough time to drift off and forget the tasks yet to come and the many which have been waged before. Then, with an abrupt squelching I’m thrust head first into my reality

My memory is my life sentence 
Groggy and confused from the transition of peace and chaos it’s hard to find my balance. Stumbling and gangly steps towards the world that lay ahead, like a new born colt that tries to stand, having never done it before, and with no guidance or instruction, crashes down hard not knowing what motion is right or wrong, again finds his way back to his feet a little sturdier and a little longer each time, But steps and falls, he begins to realize what shall always come. 
My memory is my life sentence 
Dreams can now be had for cheap Afforded to everyone that can settle their minds and with clenched eyes paint their masterpiece in the shades of smiles and in the climate of laughter. It’s a place where no one has fear, it’s a place to have no vacancy for frustration or disillusion, though they stand just beyond the threshold of my sanctuary waiting, plotting for their time to come, they must wait, the allowances that are so often granted to them by the weakness of the many simply do not apply here. But their time will come, as will mine. We both know this. I will enjoy my illusion as simultaneously they enjoy the anticipation 
My memory is my life sentence
In the seasoning of ages the silly hearted may fatigue, the shadows get lost in the streams of less significant ventures that fool the mind into thoughts of glory and status from opinions of maniquinns, cold and artificial. It’s the baron wayside that grabs the undeserving attention and grips it forceful with the greed and knowing that it lacks the worth to keep such a gift. It fights to hold on, it screams its piercing tone, it flings it’s arms with ferocity, it shovels its path of pain with hate in its eyes, it grinds its teeth against themselves, the pain it wants to inflict shows in itself, it’s brow’s descent causes a matte darkness around its eyes. Still in a frenzy, it whips, it whips hard, and without mercy. It’s gone. The grip released of its own weakness and thrashing 
My memory is my life sentence
Able to breath the new air of the day with my gift safety in my possession again I rest comfortably, with thoughts that I control, keeping out what I want, and letting in the necessities that bring me love, happiness, peace, and encouragement. I’m asleep….until the the snooze button blares to life, waking me for another day in my life sentence.
-Butt I digress
Thank you for reading. 
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