The Molt by D.Derek Jackson (Dedicated to my wife & children)

The winter chill has given way
Allowance for spring to mark the day
The finch now chirps and blossoms soon bloom
Silhouettes of winged butterflies emerging from cocoon
Stubborn rests the frost, with its crackle comes to life
Wicked was its state before, to harbor only strife
Of river rocks submerged and shined, lie smooth as the lake it feeds
Callous and rough are by-gone days, washed out by the life it leads
Fallen trees stain the path, where once one dared to walk
Uprooted by the stagnant gloom, it wafts harsh coughs and blinks mine eyes, no more for time to balk
What blows through the pass but a stale mind thats rot from thick despair
With labored breath ingest fresh lives, for hope now fills the air
A kaleidoscope in green hues, when placed an upward stare
Budding, they dance from stiffening gusts, on branches from which were bare
The morning’s cloak so dense and deep, a shroud made of misty haze
Delicately hoisting arms, unlocked by poised sun rays
What he does not descry, through the twice interim brings opaque
Bequest comes luminous now, from the molting of a snake
As shedding skins futile grip, unclenches its remaining few
Unaffected with brilliant wonder, the supple skin anew
His mind more lucid, beaming thoughts crest above woes past
His body warm, his movement forward, away from shadows cast
His heart less hardened, guard laid down, beats its cadence bold
Soften pulse, rhythmic notes of love surround, filling joys behold
For visions sharp upon the time, in which his journey go
Contrast your world, ahead, behind, distinguishing the flow.

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One thought on “The Molt by D.Derek Jackson (Dedicated to my wife & children)

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