The Redemption Poem of a Fallen Father

I know my son I cannot stay, to watch the final act
Time is but my curse you see, ticking at my back
I know my son I cannot stay, to watch the final act
I share with you these guiding points, in knowing what I lack
With my son I rise and praise, with my son I set
Looking through your eyes today, time is my regret
Lessons to be taught and learned, oh how we soon forget
Locked into my darkened urn, escape has not yet set
Grant me just one moment more, but time you will not let
The ticking clock does swiftly turn, caring not a fret
Studying your every move, your laugh your hand and smile
Keep them for my journey long, replaying all the while
Root yourself deep and proud, you are the best of me
Stand your ground strong and loud, they dare not move this tree
Respect your love, warm your heart with every waking dawn
Hold them close, protect your bond, chivalry will live on
Be mindful of your touch in life, the impact that you make
For once it’s done and set in stone your touch cannot retake
Make your choice, do not waver, believe your decision true
Defend your honor, make no wager, the truth does lie in you
Know your worth and take your prize, let no one stop your score
Find your goal and reach it high, the time to win is yours
Love your boy and mold him well, when you may have one
Your love will grow your heart will swell, when you have a son
Encouragement and Pride for him will go the longest way
Your bond with him shall surely thrive, with each passing day
These few things I leave with you, for I know I’ll not be there
Search your heart and think your mind at times when life’s unfair
I know my son, I cannot stay, to watch the final act
Adore you from afar my boy, our bond always intact
One last time my love for you, for two eyes to see
My perfect son I love you, you are the best of me.
Written by D. Derek Jackson (Feb. 5, 2013)
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