The Soft Touch and the Seasons Swelter 

As a child of the San Jaquan valley there was never a time that I didn’t see crops in the fields. Traveling in the back seat of our Toyota celica, a beater of a car with torn interior whose condition matched the outer look of its sun faded and oxidized blue metallic flake paint job. Rolling down the cracked window to get a better picture, I was able to see the stalks of towering corn reaching for the clouds, or the sweet smell of a freshly irrigated alfalfa field that cooled the sweltering air as we drove past, but on those short trips it was the cotton fields that I most looked forward to. In a sea of green for what seemed to have gone on marked by a seasons tradition and rituals, a white polka dot pattern of tiny clouds sprinkling the land.  
One such trip with my mother left us stranded along the rural roadside, to pass the time we grabbed cotton bulbs and began to remove the seeds. Fumbling with the puff of fiber through 7 year old hands I could not extract every seed, frustrated and hot, I quit. my mothers gentle hands continued where I left off and in a few brief moments there where two perfect cotton balls. What they would become and what ever became of them steamed through my mind then, now I can say with all certainty that the practical uses from that cotton is insignificant, just as much as the time, weather, car, and ages. I realized much later what that cotton already knew….a soft touch can make all the difference. There would be many more times that I’d peer out of many more windows of many more cars to come, where the blur of dotted white whizzed along the back roads on hot valley days. I would’ve never have known the kind connection that the softness of touch could bring. So as I slipped on my socks and throw on a shirt, and feel the warmth of the day and the emotions of the experience, I know that within my doubts and uncertainty of what lies down the road, I can always rely on the touch to be there as my comfort should I become stranded, and I’ll know I’ll be fine because I have been down this road before.
Thank you for reading.


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