In Session

Class is in session For a school house of two

My mood is gently hesitant

It must be to capture the delicate wings of the butterfly

Grasping firmly enough to secure her, but tempered so as not to harm her trust

Bells have rung and lessons are taught

No words need be spoken when your eyes give a clear dictation of the want and expectations which lay somewhere between our yearning and the sun washed smiles of tomorrow’s dawn.

I Pilfer among the recesses of my memories each time

Refreshing them anew, never to lose them to weariness or neglect.

When staring towards a broken clock, time stands motionless.

The path we walked had swung to life with the brisk air combing though the blades of grass between our steps

We’ve learned so much but days will come to bring problems for which we have no answers.

We may study hard and valiant only to end our assignment with an incomplete.

But it’s only for us to grade that what we’ve done can be termed as a graduation.

The desks may bow and the monkey bars will rust, but our lesson is never ending.

When the subject happens to be our progress, and even though graduation day may never arrive, still, we will get to enjoy the forever of our togetherness.

Thank you for reading.


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