The Keeping from a No

My “no” will sting especially to the heart of an adolescent. One who has been dealt an adults hand. No is a constant that has kept the concept of winning pressed as low as the road she often travels on to ask a caring neighbor for a cup of a missing ingredient to the recipe of the day’s survival. What will not reach the brim is the guidance needed to shelter the confusion and advantage taking that paces just beyond her threshold.

A yes would take so much yet give back so little. Never to return, never to retake. The weight of the answer tipping the scales to a one-sided posture. You are not prepared, you are not ready, but then again, neither am I. Your youth need be kept, what left that can be given, save it for yourself and protect it from the taking of your silly-hearted moments. No, right now, is good. No, may show a choice. And this choice is yours. No is not as final as it seems. Tomorrow will be full of yeses and opportunity, promises of enlightenment and the notion of conquering your hopes. But today, for both of our sakes, the answer must be no.


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