Chips On My Shoulder 

You kept me out of harms way. You were my sanctuary from the rule of a tyrant. Out of site, out of mind sometimes needs a destination because keeping quiet and hidden just doesn’t cut it. 
Your chains and loose gravel seem harsh and ominous but their set settled my mind and calmed a nervous stomach. The skinned knees and sweaty shirts in 100 degree heat is a cheap fare to pay for a few hours of peace.
You watched after me, and made sure I always had a safe place to land. I could be what it wanted to be around you. No idea was too fantastic, around you, I could be myself. I was myself. Shot after shot would chip away the days criticism and fear. Dribbling back and forth I could outrun my worries for a brief moment.
Staring though older eyes which no longer show gear and confusion but rather heartache of a childhood lose, and of an inventor upon a threshold of rebuilding notions, your painted lines guarded my innocence but I could not take you with me. I see you in a different light with eyes still curious as that child years ago and I can smile again with wonderful memories in my mind, and a thank you from my heart.


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