What’s For Lunch?

I can’t wait for lunch! What will it be today? I hope it’s my favorite, but turkey with gravy is usually served on later in the week but maybe It’ll be my lucky day. I guess I would be happy with a chicken patty or that thing that looks like a McRib. I guess it could be taco day with the shells that are already make, hold the hot sauce please! It’s still 12 minutes before the bell rings and I hope my class can’t hear my stomach growling, this is embarrassing. Hurry up hurry up hurry up!!! 

I need to make noise so they can’t hear my stupid stomach. Oh, maybe it’s pizza day. Or it could be the day that icee juicies are being served. If I get in line early maybe I can eat fast and then get in line again for seconds?

C’mon bell, it’s only been 3 minutes, gosh this class is taking forever. I’m not going to eat at all if its tamale pie day, it’s the worst. Yuck. Corn chunks should be by itself. But I’m so hungry right now I’d even eat the greasy baked chicken. 

Yes! The bell! Let me move my back pack and I’ll get out of…wait…what’s in this bag? “I packed a few of your favorites. Have a great day my beautiful baby, Love Mom. ❤️  

This is just what I was craving. Thanks Mom.


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