Two If By Coffee

Now I get lost in your warming smile.

Now when I find myself alone, I think of the calm in your eyes and I feel the familiarity of home.

Life is no longer stained with bleakness now that your touch fills my world with future memories and meanings 

When I day dream, we hold hands while walking along the beach. Or trading smiles at an outdoor cafe with the mornings chill, in keeping us bundled with the hopes that the clock slows just enough for us to steal an extra laugh and a glance.

It’s you that brings  my thought of the years to come of sweet air of the new felt dawn and comfortable evenings together 

There will be many more moonlit walks and long stretching morning moments to share. They will become our own bookmarks of birthdays and vacations, and of watching the children grow grow into their own adulthood. We will have one another to lean against so as never to fall too far from each other. 


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