A Lifetime Loved For Always

I can gaze into your lively eyes and smile as if it were second nature. Running my fingers along the tips of your hair, releasing the sweet smell as it lifts then falls, swaying playfully away.
You glance at me and we both understand that you have me. Bellowing through your heart, the bustling crowd is drawn to your contagious laughter, it applauds like the waves on a rocky shoreline. Smoothing the timid and shy voices from their jagged edges along the coast they use as a barrier, opening up comforts they themselves could not find.
Your lingering presence felt long after your departure, as the warmth of the sun to the summer soil long after nestling behind a nights horizon. A tranquil wash enfolds me from your touch to ease the restlessness of my constant uncertainty.
The journey’s significance as grace would interweave her brilliant strands to tattered ones of my own. We are stronger now with the tightening of plans only firming our bond from the weight of its downward drag. Nothing else divides, we together can conquer our world.
Love is at the heart of the puzzle that is our life, and my pursuit was completed when we smiled at each other through unopened door. Devoted in my mind and dedicated in my heart, you are my guiding light to direct the best part of me, you are my breathe to live. For the love of a lifetime, must be a lifetime loved for always.


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