Pancakes Equal Smiles

“Stack them high, higher, and even higher than that,”they said. This is the best morning ever. They would wake up extra early if every morning was like this.
Still with sleep in their eyes and feathery bouncing way out of placed hair, smiles fixed on the turning of the spatula. As one pours cups of milk another gets out the butter. The eldest girl giggles, “Look, we’re on dairy duty!” They place the plates and utensils in a precise array, when the younger girl with hope and trepidation in her voice mutters. “Can I flip one?” Clasping a hand over the spatula, she takes some practice flips in the air before she’s ready. Not bad for a beginner, still edible.
“Oatmeal?” “No thanks.” “Eggs?” “Ugh, gross.” “How about some cereal or even a frittata?” “Hmm, maybe.” They both say in near unison. “But we’d rather have pancakes and syrup every morning.” They smile.


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