The Flag Bearer 

Some may say you are weird,

And others might call you strange. 

But that is ok, we all have opinions that lack hard facts and complete story lines.

And those points of views with their incompleteness carries little weight, at least to those who pause until they grasp the entirety of a picture rather than tumble out ignorant prose aimed toward more damage at worst and impatient hyperbole at best.

Those are the moments when one needs to understand that the valued speak should not be wasted on those with no filter and lack of dignity. Seek out the respected, whether the form is pauper or prince holds no worth, only depth of their character and sincerity of their words should judge their merit. 

Self will know what many fail to comprehend. Clear visions are blurred through myopic eyes of foreign perspective. Your cub is your quest and you motive to act.

Give yourself the benefit when your endeavors path is justified. It’s you in which you live, and your thoughts pure and true shall guide you to your own tomorrow.


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