Superman Can’t Fly

Forget about peering into the sky for a descending figure to swoop you from you troubles. And do not count on them to be bulletproof or immune to pain either.
And I doubt that they will be wearing colorful spandex as their uniform with an enormous letter or catching logo in plain sight, not matter how essentric they may be. 
I’d also put my bottom dollar that their character and principles have been question a time or to also. 
No, you see, real heros can’t fly, 
But they do get there when you need them.
invincibility from illness and accident is a myth, heros hurt all the time. Heart, soul, and flesh and bone takes the burden of others, that’s the cost of being a hero.
Look for sweat pants, no make-up, dirty jeans, 3 for 10 dollar t-shirts, tussled hair pulled back in a loose ponytail and baseball caps. Most Heroes do not have supermodel looks. 
Real Heroes have to make hard choices that my not have a best case scenario, lives may suffer, feelings hurt, principles may have to be broken for the greater good. The heroes shoulders will ache from the load that keeps their feet from taking flight, that is why real heroes cannot fly


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