I don’t want your cheek.

In the gentle blue of the dawn to come, I can’t tell where the rest ends and the wake has begun. Only to know on this day much like days past and those yet to be awakened, I see in the stillness of daybreak the desire that swells in me lasting without borders to hinder its span. Defaulting through my ritual of coffee making, teeth brushing, and garden tending….I imagine you. In the trance of my memories I think of the times. Not the sentimental ones not the harsh, none exclusive to any other. Just the times. All that have emblazoned a lasting emotion through a smile or a tear, or a sensual glaze. I have you, or more precisely…it is you that has me. So it’s in this declaration that I express without a terse volume, that as I go, as tempting as it is, I do not want your cheek, what I yearn for is the amorous feel of your lips.


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