The Derelicts 

Dear mom or dad,

I know that your really really busy so if you won’t be able to that’s ok. But if you get a chance do you thing we can go see that new movie we had talked about a few weeks ago? The one where you said you’d like to see it to and that we should go, and to remind you when it opens in theaters. Yeah, it’s playing now. 

But I understand if you are too busy, I guess I forgot that you were going to take your new girlfriend and her daughter to the water park this weekend. I might play basketball down the street while you are gone.

Oh but mom can we work on my school art project together? You are so good at creating things. 

Hmmm? Ok, well it’s ok, I can do it by myself, your boyfriend is right, it is “my” project after all. 

Oh dad, I didn’t here you come in. I heated up the leftovers from yesterday, I put your plate in the oven. 

Oh how was it?  That’s the place the has all you can eat breadsticks right? Awesome. We’ll have to try it one day, maybe just the two of us. 


Hello, mom?




Anybody home?

Anybody care?


(Whispering to self) Can you please just talk to me? Maybe hug me out of nowhere and ask me what I’m thinking? 

I want to tell you both about what happened to me today.

I don’t have anybody to smile back at me when I’m home and thinking about a joke, or what happened on the bus, or why I started to cry after school when all my friends got picked up from school.

I don’t want to bug you, I hope you don’t feel that way. I know your busy. I can do more chores if it makes it easier for you.  

I can make your bed and vacuum right after I wash the dishes and clean and mop the bathroom and kitchen before you get home from work. 

But if not that’s ok too. I’ll be in my room. If you need me for anything just let me….






2 thoughts on “The Derelicts 

  1. Really liked this piece- kind of hurt me reading it and really hit home for some reason. I just really connected to it. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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