When your delusions of grandeur and the fog of a false sense of hope have lifted and the clear and unmistakable reality that the rest of us have been negotiating while off on your fools errand settles you back on firm footing, free your guilt, senseless and harmful as it is so that It may drift off of your conscience. Gone are just a moments grains and fleeting are the grains to tumble in this moment where misdirected attention doesn’t slow the passing sands. Escaping to measure a memory or apology, count the times there is a smile or the grip of a weary hand. Bring into view the warmth of a gaze and the unspoken connection galvanized by the familiarity that is capture by seconds that seem infinite   and a stoic devotion unwavering in the midst of pain, doubt, and harsh treatments that have been sold to us cheap. Strength is no longer needed now, only compassion and righteousness are the remedy that needs to be sought. This is the hardest part of loving, and while there will be agony, those whose love shows truest, shall not shy away from it, or the aftermath it brings onto them.


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